Monday, February 23, 2015

On the Move with Munchkin!

Does anyone else feel like we've been moving for about a hundred years? I know our kids do. It's been a long haul, but we're finally in the new house! Kane and Cam were actually total troopers. Moving has been painful, but I've been able to keep some perspective throughout -- knowing that at the end, we'd be in a bigger space with real green room to run, more light, and less noise. The kids were excited, but I could tell that it was hard for them to see much past the fact that I was again picking them up from school, explaining that we had to "run by the new house for just a few minutes," only to find themselves hungry and sitting on a floor covered with construction dust for an hour or so while I attended to whatever needed attending to there.

Needless to say, they were in serious need of a pick-me-up this past week and thankfully our good pals over at Munchkin helped us out! With plenty of time spent shuttling back and forth between our old and new homes, I turned to Munchkin for some help in setting the kids up in comfort  -- keeping them entertained and well fed! With just a few simple accessories, we turned those long trips into enjoyable rides. And I really love Munchkin's brightly colored, modern take on kids' products.

To start, we added an i-Hide Car Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer for each kiddo. We typically try not to give the kids screen time during our daily in-town rides, but these came in handy for so, so much more. We listen to lots of audiobooks on our i-Pad in the car, so I was able to put it in the back for the kids to control and avoid having to try and navigate chapters while driving. In addition to safely holding the i-Pad within easy reach of the kids (and easy removal once you hop out), the Car Seat Organizers offer a TON of storage -- nice big zippered pockets that hold books, games, stuffies, you name it. Plus each comes equipped with a wipes holder, so no more excuses to wipe noses on their sleeve. And of course we designated one of the pockets in each organizer as a "trash" container, so there was no more handing of used wipes to me as I was driving (yay!). I also loved how the tablet holder flips out from behind the wipes container, making both easy to get to.

Once they were set up with their book, I also gave each kiddo their own Click-Lock Bento Set. Bento boxes are all the rage, but Munchkin put some real thought into the design of these sets for kids. The three compartments are perfectly sized to fit just the right amount of food, without making you feel like you need to come up with seventeen different foods to make a snack. Plus, the containers are clearly labeled (with both pictures and words on the lids and bottoms), so the kids can easily put the set back together themselves. Add click-lock lids for each container (keeping the car clean!) and a built-in flatware set, and we had a winner. I also loved that Munchkin's Click-Lock Cups let them get a sip without spilling all over the car. Together, they were the perfect solution that forced me to pack a healthy, well-balanced snack ahead of school pick-up. All of which helped the kids hang a bit longer at the new house while I wrapped things up.

Thanks for helping us out, Munchkin!

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