Monday, February 16, 2015

Kiddo Oscar Party

It's almost Oscars time!!! This Sunday, the 87th Academy Awards will roll out that red carpet for one of Hollywood's biggest nights. I'm most looking forward to the fashion, particularly given that the last movie I saw in a theater was definitely a kiddo flick. Our kids also love to catch the red carpet and even though they don't get to stay up late enough to see who actually won (I don't even stay up for the whole thing), they are keenly aware of the animated feature film nominations. So I'm hoping to make the pre-show fun for them with a few special touches! In case you want to get caught up before this weekend, check out a full list of Oscar-nominated flicks for families right here.

2 / A fun sparkly bar for the littles.

3 / We're definitely going to re-use our Meri Meri party props from New Years to get fancy. 

4 / Love a popcorn bar

5 / I would love for someone to make us these cookies

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