Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Makes

Lately it seems that we have had very little time to do much arting or crafting. I mean, we fit in our regular staples (Kane has been on a crazy drawing spree and Cam always loves to paint with her watercolors), but I guess I've not had much time to sit everyone down and try out new projects. And it  looks like that's going to be the case for a bit. That also means that my "to do list" of art and craft projects is growing longer and longer. So instead of running the risk that I'll forget about the things we want to make, I thought I'd try to do a weekly "weekend makes" feature sharing our most wanted projects of the week. Here's what I'm loving this week ... happy weekend!!!

1 / love these pretty coasters from Oh Joy! -- they'd be great presents for the kids to make for the holidays

2 / awesome lacing cards that would work great for ornaments or gift tags

3 / pantone playdough from Art Bar

4 / Studio DIYs colorful walnut garland

5 / these colorful crepe paper streamers look like so much fun

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