Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY Gifts: for kids, by kids

Our kids have very sweetly decided (on their own) to give each other holiday gifts this year. Cam picked out something for Kane, but Kane hasn't been able to decide what to get her. He started down the familiar path of wanting to ask her what she wanted, but still keep it a surprise. It cracks me up to watch him coyly try to figure out what's on her wish list -- sounds just like his dad! But then he recently decided he wanted to give her a "coupon" to take her ice skating and buy her hot chocolate. I was almost in tears from the cuteness, but then he upped himself by deciding to give her a coupon that gives her the power to tell him to do whatever she wants for an entire day. That's just crazy talk right there. And I love it.

But just in case your children are interested in making more level-headed holiday gift choices, I rounded up my favorite DIY holiday gifts that kids can make for other kids. These are on our lists too, so one might just be coming your way!

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