Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Day in the Life (December 2014)

Our December 12th was a hot mess. It was the last business day of a loooong week in which I launched (with my mother's help, thank you!!!) the cleaning out, organizing and packing of our home. I ran around between appointments at the new house, school tours for Cameron, and scooping a sick Kane from school. An hourly photo shoot was just not going to happen. So, instead, I photographed this month's 12-in-12 on the 15th, which was slightly less hectic. After you get your fill of our day-to-day randomness, head over to No Monsters in My Bed and Where the Watermelons Grow to see what they're up to this time of year!

6.45 am -- Kane wakes up excited to show off the flowers they bought for me while I was out of town over the weekend.

7.30 am -- after I spend a significant amount of time figuring out what hairstyle Cam is trying to describe to me, she takes to her jewelry box. I have to cut the exercise short because we need to hit the road!

8.05 am -- our morning commute essentials: iced coffee for me and audiobook for Kane. It's a delicate balance of audiobook time vs. Cam's jams time, and when that goes off kilter, watch out.

9.45 am -- I sit down to do some writing and try to ignore the moving boxes piling up in the living room.

11.30 am --  I realize that there will not be enough time to actually go to the grocery store today, so I hit up my new friend Instacart to place a delivery order. After consulting of course what deliciousness Blue Apron is bringing us this week. That's right, I'm now farming out all kinds of food gathering and prep. Staying afloat, my friends. Staying afloat.

12.15 pm -- packing up Kane's hanukkiah to bring to his class' celebration of lights.

1.45 pm -- I sneak a peek at Kane's light for the celebration: "My light shines for building to inspire other people."  My man. The celebration was beautiful -- families shared their holiday traditions involving lights, and each child lit a candle they had decorated and their thoughts on for what their individual light shines.

2.45 pm -- Kane and I get in a Starbucks snack by ourselves since Cam has a playdate after school today. Kane loves to ham it up.

3.40 pm -- waiting for lacrosse practice and getting warmed up. I generally do not get to see him play so I had no idea that he's been playing with his wrong hand. No big surprise that Kane insists he's a lefty lax player. With Cam at a playdate, I use the time alone to get some more writing done.

5.40 pm -- we get a little glimpse of Zoo Lights as we cut through the zoo on our way home. I've driven through the zoo almost daily for the past 3 1/2 years. Going to be so odd to have a new route!

6.05 pm -- our Instacart goods are waiting for us when we get home and Cam sets to unpacking. An easy dinner of Italian Baked Eggs and bath, books, bed soon follows!

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