Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: Snowquestered

this is what snow looks like in D.C. -- wait, isn't it just raining?

So, in case you haven't heard, it's snowing. No, really. Promise. Snowing so much that the federal government and all schools are closed. Really. What? You can't see the snow? That's what we call a "your problem," not an "our problem."

OK, ok. So maybe the weather is less than ideal to be out and about today. And maybe it will really actually snow. That means you are gonna be inside. All damn day. What to do?!? Don't panic. First consult our handy insanely-inclement-weather list of favorite minimal supply art projects.

Or, given that it's snowing outside, the temperature must be prime for freezing ice for ice play. Then you should check out one of our ice play projects. Wait, it's not freezing outside? Then how is it snowing? It's not snowing? Wait, whaaaaauuut? Well, maybe try fake snow?

We give up. We suggest you check out the projects on our Artworks, Light Play, Miscellaneous Madness, Your Dough is My Dough, and Weird Science pages. We're going to go attempt to build a slushperson on our deck.

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