Friday, March 8, 2013

Artworks: Body Tracing

If there is one art supply that we use almost every day, it's our gigantic roll of kraft butcher paper. A few weeks ago, mom was rolling it over the table for some project and I asked if she'd trace my body on the floor. Why not?

It took us a few times because I kept laughing and squirming, but eventually we got a shape that sort of looked like me (wearing bellbottoms). Mom handed over washable markers and let me draw in what I wanted. The first go around I drew in my "bones." On another I drew random shapes. And another I drew a design. Cami drew purple everything on what appears to be a sasquatch or fist-pumping Cher rendering of her actual body shape.

Then, being the scissors aficionado I am, I wanted to cut out my body shape. There were several missteps on the following lines situation and, eventually, I just decided to cut the whole thing up -- a little gruesome, mom thought, but, whatevs. We spent an entire afternoon coloring in our body shapes and the rest of the afternoon cutting them up (before mom could photograph all of them, though). Winner winner chicken dinner.

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