Friday, February 24, 2017

The Friday Five!!

I'm not exactly sure what it was about this week that made it feel so nuts. I actually wrapped up a bunch of freelance work and was planning to spend some real time on this space. But instead I think I just did the 8,349 loads of laundry I'd let pile up? Who knows. In between trying to match up the gazillion pairs of unmatched socks in our house, we also ....

Cooking -- this Slow Cooker Brisket is insanely easy and SO flavorful.

Wanting -- we went to the member preview of Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirors at the Hirshhorn on Wednesday night and I WANT TO GO BACK NOW. It was so crowded that we didn't get to see all of the installations. And you only get a little bit of time even once you're in there. I think I'll go one more time by myself to figure out a game plan to take the kids.

Making -- our beloved family dog died a few years ago and I just haven't been able to bring myself around to the idea of getting another dog. I kept worrying that he'd think we were replacing him. Or forgetting about him. But the kids have been all over me about it and I think I'm finally there. Cam spent most of her after school time this week taking her dogs, Cupcake and Sprinkles, for a walk on the leashes she knit. Then feeding them and giving them water in the bowls she made for them. She's been working on sewing them pillows to sleep on now. She's going to be an excellent big dog sister!

Playing -- I'm sure Kane would take issue with my characterization of this as "playing," but he won third place in a local wrestling tournament last weekend and is headed to regionals this weekend! So there's been a lot of reviewing wrestling videos and what sounds like body slams going on in his room. I don't care whether he wins or loses--he has come so far with working through a very physically and mentally difficult sport!

Reading -- we just finished up the second Masterminds book and it was even better than the first. The kids are in a war over who gets to pick the next audiobook, so stay tuned there. I read Luckiest Girl Alive in a day and a half. It was both unbelievable and terrifyingly realistic. I am really not excited for our kids to go to high school. In a completely different direction, I am finding so many similarities between myself and the main character in Today Will Be Different. Yet also horrified at some of her thoughts and decisions. Both are excellent reads.

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