Monday, February 6, 2017

Fave DIY Valentines Printables

We spent a significant portion of our the kids' free time this weekend working on valentines. Our school asks that the kids make the valentines themselves or at least add a custom touch to each. And they have to be candy and food free. I am 100% behind both ideas! (Although, don't get me wrong, I would be just as fine with store bought directives). Cam was in charge this year and decided that they would make a personalized bracelet for each classmate along with a little card (we used the You're a Real Gem printable below!). Kane was all for that until the beads showed up and then he decided he didn't want to make the bracelets (of course!). Cam offered to make all of them, but Kane ended up hand making each a card instead and then adding a positive message rubber band bracelet. In case you're about to embark on the valentine journey yourself, I rounded up my fave DIY valentines printables—all are easy to do at home, candy free, and Amazon-accessory ready. Gotta love the love!

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