Friday, May 27, 2016

The Friday Five!!

The rain has stopped (for now), the sun is out, and we can almost taste the end of the school year (btw, if you missed my HuffPo post on helping kiddos cope with the end of the year, check it here!). Here's this week's Friday Five ... I hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend!!

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Reading -- All my library hold books came in at once, but I knew I had to start with My Brilliant Friend first. Several friends raved about it and I can't put it down. As part of my ongoing quest to stretch Kane's reading with books that actually interest him, I picked up the Brick series of Greek Myths (he loves the Shakespeare one he already has). There are some tricky Greek names in there, but he's doing a good job with it.

Making -- I bought Cam this Recycled Paper Beads kit for her birthday, but we just broke it open this week. It took us a little bit to get it going, but Cam got the hang of it pretty quickly and can do it by herself. I 100% agree with online reviewers that the gluing system included is crap, but it really isn't necessary. Regular glue works just fine and it's been a great quiet go-to activity for her this week.

Playing -- I'm in the stocking up on summer activities mode for the kids and since they've been obsessed with spies and all things mystery, I thought they might like this collaborative sleuthing game. Love it!

Wanting -- We just opened up our kiddie pool for the season and even though this float is basically as big as it, I want it.

Cooking -- I'm still on a huge flank steak kick. I marinate and grill a big piece once a week and we get a gazillion meals out of it, which the kids are almost guaranteed to eat. I love that I can serve it as is, use it in a salad, or put it in tacos too. This is one of my fave easy recipes (with or without the homemade salsa).

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