Friday, May 6, 2016

The Friday Five!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately -- it's been a nutty few weeks and I'm trying to sort everything out and keep everyone afloat. TGIF!

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Cooking -- I'm kind of obsessed with this food blog. When I want a healthy (and mostly clean or easy to clean up) recipe that's easy to make and super flavorful, this is where I've been going. It was a toss up which one of her recipes to include this week, but this Greek Marinated Flank Steak and Hummus Plate crushed dinner last night.

Reading -- Kane has made a real breakthrough in reading recently and he's on a quest to read all of the Magic Tree Bookhouse series. So he's been digging in to a few chapters every night. It hasn't been a smooth road, so I love seeing how happy he is to make such great progress!

Playing -- Cam has still been on her sensory play kick so we froze leftover waterbeads and it's been a great indoor activity during this never-ending rain!

Wanting -- for no good reason, I'm on an impractical footwear kick.

Making -- Kane dug these gorgeous LEGOs out this week and built a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house for me modeled after a few pentomino shapes. These are the only LEGOs I don't mind stepping on.

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