Friday, April 22, 2016

The Friday Five!

Here's what's what this week!
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Making -- the sensory fun continued this week with our easy DIY Potions Station.

Cooking -- with the final arrival of spring, I've been grilling a TON. But we all had a hankering for this Maple Dijon Pot Roast this week.

Reading -- I just started Chocolate Wars this week and it's fascinating. It traces back the rivalry among English chocolatiers to the early 19th century highlighting not only the competition among themselves, but the internal struggles all had reconciling their Quaker values (they were ALL Quaker) with eventually operating in a capitalistic corporate world. Perhaps it's because I love chocolate, or because our kids attend a Quaker school, but I'm finding it incredibly interesting. On the kiddo side of things, Cam picked out this audiobook for older kids based on the cover art (she'll learn). But turns out they both love it and want to listen to it to and from school (usually we just do audiobooks in the morning). It's funny and even though they're a little young for it, it's not at all inappropriate.

Wanting -- I've been jonesing for a dress up event lately and eyeing these statement beauties.

Playing -- Zeus on the Loose is a great math game, but requires kids to keep track in their head of numbers adding up to 100. So the math is a little above both our kids, but they've had no problem picking up the strategy of the game.

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