Friday, April 1, 2016

The Friday Five!

It's been a super weird week trying to readjust to post-vacation life. Besides going through general pina colada withdrawal, I started a new Whole30 so my cranky level is running high. The kids were not excited to return to real life and keep periodically crying (literally) and saying that they want to go back to Jamaica. Nevertheless, we've carried on. Here's what we've been doing in-between whining ...

Reading -- We're almost done with the audiobook of The Case That Time Forgot -- finally a Sherlock Files' book that doesn't scare everyone to night waking. And we started Andrew Clements' Lunch Money (we read his Frindle last summer and the kids both loved it!).

Making -- We've been doing a lot of coloring together this week -- it's helpful to keep everyone chilled out!

Playing -- Kane's prepping for a school presentation on a historical figure. Obviously in our house that involves a costume.

Wanting -- I'm not going to lie. The first few days of a Whole30 are awful. All I want right now is bread and cheese. OK, and red wine.

Cooking -- this was insanely flavorful and delicious, especially considering how little time it took to make.

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