Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Summer Bucket List Update #2

July was a total whirlwind -- between camp and lots of travel, we just didn't get to go at our Summer Bucket List like we did in June (see our first update here!). We were monumentally busy, just doing things that weren't on our list -- LOTS of beach time, taking family to see favorites places, adjusting to new camps, etc. And even though "back to school" talk has already piped up, we're looking at another whole month of summer fun. In the meantime, here are the few additional activities we knocked off our list.

33. Dye hair -- Cam got some temporary hot pink streaks, which were fabulous.

34. Tie Dye -- one of my annual favorites, Kane made one sweatshirt this year and then left the rest up to Cam. She was so happy to get to dye shirt after shirt.

35. Rock Craft -- on a super hot day in New Jersey, we painted rocks to look like a whole variety of food items. My donut painting skills need work, but Kane painted a pretty accurate snap pea.

36. Pom Pom Making -- Cam and I spent a rainy afternoon at the beach learning to make poms. She used hers to adorn her hair, make jewelry, and play with her baby cousin. SO cute.

37. Outdoor Movie -- we pulled up chairs to the best outdoor movie venue of the summer: the beach. On a gorgeous evening, we watched Big Hero 6 on the big screen and had a blast.

38. Beach Art -- Cam and one of her cousins put in some time painting shells, all of which had a convenient little hole in the top perfect for jewelry making.

39. Go Fishing -- we participated in an awesome seining program with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Using nets, we caught a variety of insanely cool sea life to view and then release -- lots of silver fish and comb jellies, but we also found a Northern Puffer blowfish!

40. Lemonade Stand -- this might have been one of my favorite bucket list activities thus far. While we didn't run a hugely successful stand from a monetary standpoint (they were trying to make money to use on our Italy trip), the kids completely got into it and learned a whole lot. So I count a win.

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