Monday, May 11, 2015

Cameron's 5th Ping Pong Birthday Party!

Wowsers. I. am. exhausted. Between a big work deadline, Cam being home sick, getting the house ready for a ton of visiting family, and Cam's 5th birthday party this past weekend, I need a big time break. But even given my current need to hibernate, I felt I'd be remiss in not sharing a few pics from her fab ping pong party. It was so incredibly low key for us, but so, so fantastic! Which leads me to believe that we will be having many more such shindigs for future birthdays.

We decided to buck tradition and have a little party with just a few friends and family at one of Cam's favorite restaurants -- Comet Ping Pong. I had no real time to prep for this one, but I didn't need to. Comet has an awesome private party room, complete with two ping pong tables and a bar. We scored that and I brought just a few party decorations to go with Cam's invite -- black + white striped runners, a few tasseled garlands, black + white striped balloons, and a tasseled gold No. 5 balloon! The kids colored scores of ping pong balls (as you might have seen in last week's Project 52), which we left out in a gold pail for each kiddo with a custom-initialed ping pong paddle -- the perfect useable party favor. No fancy cake this year, but an awesome ice cream sundae bar did the trick. Plus her favorite black + white cookies as a sweet treat to take. I decided to actually enjoy the party this time, so I only snapped just a few pictures before things really got started.

Thanks to all our friends and family who traveled far and wide to join us!


Liz D said...

It was fabulous and looked amazing!! I loved the paddle and ball favor idea!!

Not-So-SAHM said...

Thanks, Liz!!

benilhalk said...

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