Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Day in the Life (May 2015)

May 12th was chock-full of us trying to get back in the groove after a week-long + visit from family, Cam's big 5th birthday party, grown-up siblings night out, and Mother's Day. Needless to say, we've all been a little tired and cranky. But we pulled it together and had a great Tuesday nonetheless. After you get your fill of our everyday, head over to No Monsters in My Bed and Where the Watermelons Grow to see what they've got going on this spring!

6.45 am -- the kids have been getting up at ungodly early hours. So I've been taking them running with me frequently. But it was already quite hot and humid on this Tuesday am, so they stayed in and "played quietly." Which really meant that they cooperated on building a LEGO portapotty whilst making up a portapotty jam set to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" ("oh potty you, you got what I need .... " It was really something).

7.15 am -- like flipping a light switch, as soon as the weather gets warm, I crave iced coffee.

8.40 am -- After dropping off Kane, I take Cam to school (I can't wait until they are at the same school again!). Despite the heat, Cam pushed hard for an "all romper" wardrobe this week. She kills me. And, yes, she has enough rompers to wear a different one every day.

9.50 am -- because I didn't take the kids and Joel has been traveling like a maniac, I had to get a run in while the kids were at school. Not fun in the humidity, but I love my Mother's Day running watch present!

11.10 am -- I help the kids get a head start on picking up their rooms. They've been doing a great job lately of putting their stuff away, making beds, etc. But Cam got A LOT of Barbie (and Ken) for her birthday and needed a hand. She also loves Ken's clothes more than Barbie's (maybe it's a romper situation?), so she keeps dressing Barbie in Ken's navy velvet tux but with lace-up stilettos and jewelry. I want the outfit.

1.15 pm -- I pick Cam up from school early for her yearly doctor's appointment. Apparently five year olds think it's fine to throw all kinds of sass around because when the doctor asks her what her favorite vegetable is, she answers: "shoes." I give her a little leeway, because that's probably technically correct.

2.20 pm -- quick Target run! We used to live within walking distance to the city's only Target, which was awesome and dangerous. I haven't been back since we moved and they've got a whole new slew of Kid Made Modern fabulousness.

3.45 pm -- soccer shooting practice on the front stairs. I'm sure that's good for them.

4.25 pm -- I do dishes and admire the tulips Cam bought for Kane -- just to be nice. She picked out green (his fave!), but one pink one snuck in there.

5.00 pm -- a serious crafting session with the goods from Target. Kane learned how to sew at school this year and I watch him whip up one felted project after another. In awe.

6.00 pm -- it's Taco Tuesday!! Everyone loves these baked tacos w/ homemade taco seasoning. I'll get the recipe up soon.

7.05 pm -- the kids have been downing food lately as they're both in massive growth spurts (awesome except poor Cam has been having the worst nighttime growing pains. I'd take them if I could have her long legs tho). I banned dessert for a while, but brought it back as long as I could sneak in fruit too. Strawberry shortcake is a fave.

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