Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Water Balloon Art

I just came across some photos of an art project we did last summer and thought, given the warmer weather out here, it was the perfect time to share it: Water Balloon Art. Part art, part game, my kids loved launching water balloons filled with paint onto an enormous canvas outdoors. I just wish I hadn't watered down the paint quite so much, but now I know for next time -- I think we'll try some brighter liquid watercolors this go around. Take advantage of spring and get outside to art!

To make our Water Balloon Art, you'll need:
- a large white sheet or oversized painters drop cloth
- water balloons
- paint

Fill water balloons with a mix of paint and water -- how much of each depends on how brilliant you want your colors. Tie water balloon tightly. Hang up the sheet or drop cloth outside where you don't mind getting some color splashed. Let the kids go to town!

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