Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Day in the Life (April 2015)

April 12th was the second day of the most glorious weather we've seen in forever. So, naturally, everything I had planned (including this month's 12-in-12) completely went out the window. I ended up taking the photos on Monday the 13th, which was also a beautiful day. Check out what we were up to and then see what Where the Watermelons Grow was doing this month!

6.55 a.m. -- after an extended discussion of why she couldn't wear a fancy dress to school on Monday, Cam agrees to pick out another outfit.

7.30 a.m. -- Kane chows on a double-dose of oatmeal for breakfast. The kids have been eating nonstop lately, and growing accordingly.

8.50 a.m. -- I somehow picked the first day back from Cam's spring break to take the kids to the dentist (and thus miss some part of school in the morning). We wait and play with a odd variety of things we've brought with us.

9.10 a.m. -- a fabulous check up.

10.30 a.m. -- art for the house has finally started to arrive!

11.50 a.m. -- I get some editing done and prep an afternoon art project for the kids.

12.15 p.m. -- I think I've perfected the poached egg by combining several different tips, including a few from Food52 and Julia Child. My new favorite any-time meal is avocado toast with poached eggs and a salad.

1.45 p.m. -- all the snacks required just for school pickup.

2.35 p.m. -- after I pick up Cam, we head to Georgetown to pickup Joel's iPhone (which I broke in the Bethesda iPhone store over the weekend in the process of buying a new one for me. UGH).

3.15 p.m. -- a quick trip to Montrose Park.

5.00 p.m. -- a little fruit + veggie art project (check back on the blog tomorrow!)

6.15 p.m. -- grilled avocado, veggies, and steak tacos for din.

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