Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Day in the Life: (November 2014)

I ran up a scary car mileage on November 12th. I think I drove back and forth from downtown DC to Bethesda twice, and sprinkled in several other trips in the middle. I'm trying to remain optimistic and keep things in perspective, but man, all this driving is bringing. me. down. I hate being sedentary for such long periods of time -- even though the kids and I have found fun, entertaining, useful things to do with our time in the car. It's meant a huge overall decrease in the amount of exercise I get and an increase in the dining out (or in the car). All of which is honestly making me really grumpy. That being said, we still had a pretty good day -- the increase in car time means more time to talk to each other, listen to audiobooks, and jam out together. And I'm still managing to fit in work, albeit a lot of it on the road. We even got in a family dinner before Joel headed out of town! I couldn't manage to lug around my good camera that day, so the iPhone pics will have to do.

After you've perused our life on the road, see what No Monsters in My Bed was up to that day!

8.08 am -- we were running late and had a worst/best of moment on the Parkway: getting stuck behind a cyclist and getting a glimpse of my favorite morning running group (they are FAST).

9.45 am -- I get a warmup run in at the gym and some great Bravo re-runs.

10.30 am -- a much-needed boxing session with my trainer. Sometimes, you just need to hit some stuff.

11.45 am -- working on a new writing project at 'bucks for a bit.

1.30 pm -- meeting with Suzanne to plan a Children's Law Center fundraiser and shoveling in a little lunch at Sweetgreen.

2.48 pm -- whenever we run out of audiobook, we listen to Kids Place Live. The programming is fantastic, funny and educational.

3.10 pm -- Cam shows me the book she wrote at school, wherein she marries Kane (apparently after he falls out of love with me).

4.00 pm -- Cam waits for her gymnastics class to start and shows me all the "new ponies!" available for purchase!

6.45 pm -- we met up with Joel at one of our favorite downtown restaurants, Kaz, for a family sushi din. Kane gets steak, of course.

7.30 pm -- today's total mileage. Ouch.

8.00 pm -- we thought Kane lost his backpack recently, including his favorite stuffed animal at the moment, BoBo. I obviously overnighted a replacement, named CoCo, and then we found his backpack. Still in his school classroom.

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