Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: Not-So-SAHM 2013 Favorites

On mom's to-do list for 2014 is to make some more time for Not-So-SAHM business. Yes, we both spend most weekdays in school now and fill in a lot of the remaining time with organized activities. Mom needs to continue making time for her own side projects, too. But in putting starting to put together (still late, we might add) the Not-So-SAHM 2013 book for family presents and after Darcy from No Monsters in My Bed asked whether we'd like to join her in a "best of 2013 post," mom realized how much we all love the Not-So-SAHM things we do together. So, she's going to try to continue making time to do them and post on them as well.

We'll see how it works out. In the meantime, here's our 2013 favorites (mom included her favorite kiddo categories, too) and some of mom's favorite instagrams! After you check ours out, see what tops the list of one of our other friendly bloggers: But I Do Have a Law Degree

Kids Book
- Kane: "Velcome," by Kevin O'Malley -- because it's lots of funny, scary stories
- Cameron: Princess and the Pea
- Mom: "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons," by James Dean

Kids Audio Book
- Kane: "The Sisters Grimm: The Fairytale Detectives," Michael Buckley -- it's a lot of fairytales and it's really imaginative.
- Cameron: same -- because I love it. It makes me like flowers and Red Riding Hood.
- Mom: "Dragon Rider," Cornelia Funke

- Kane: Frozen -- because it was also really imaginative. It's about winter and seasons. And the queen controls ice.
- Cameron: Cinderalla -- because she's a princess.
- Mom: Rio -- because we shake our tail feathers to all the songs and it cracks her up.

T.V. Show
- Kane: He-man -- it has a lot of good characters and not hard names in it. It's about fighting for freedom.
- Cameron: Elmo {she doesn't watch Elmo?} -- because it has two girls and all the boys.
- Mom: Octonauts -- drops the most random yet incredibly useful oceanographic info.

- Kane: "All the Single Ladies," Beyonce -- because I like the ring part and all the singing.
- Cameron: I like "Lullaby, close your eyes ...." {a lullaby mom sings to her} -- because I love it.
- Mom: "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody," Fergie -- the most-requested song in the car and it gets everyone dancing.

- Kane: the one we're on right now {New Jersey}, because I just love Nona.
- Cameron: I love all of you right now and I love to go to Nona's and to see Jack {Chicago}.
- Mom: New York.

- Kane: the dinosaur museum {Maryland Science Center} -- because I like it so much and science is my favorite.
- Cameron: I don't go to museums.
- Mom: American Visionary Art Museum.

Art Project
- Kane: where we mixed different kinds of paint for my knight's party {helped make party decorations}.
- Cameron: I like to paint all of you.
- Mom: Dia de los Muertos monoprints.

- Kane: Jetties.
- Cameron: The Protein Bar.
- Mom: The Protein Bar {for eating with the kids}.

Piece of Clothing
- Kane: my coat because it's green.
- Cameron: all of my dresses -- because they are beautiful.
- Mom: Kane's Bubble n' Squeak shirt and Cameron's Frye boots.

- Kane: cupcakes -- because they are sweet, ice cream, cake, marshmallow, hot chocolate, brownies. You know I like sweets! Why wouldn't I like that?!
- Cameron: smoothies.
- Mom: She'll go with cupcakes because the kids don't usually eat all of theirs and then she gets to finish them. What? Did she think we didn't know that?

- Kane: rootbeer floats, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and vanilla milk.
- Cameron: smoothies.
- Mom: coffee -- because everyone know that it's the only way Not-So-SAHM stays afloat {and because mom is doing a Paleo challenge and booze isn't an option at the moment}.

- Kane: tiger, wolf, lion and cheetah. then a snake.
- Cameron: a giraffe and peacocks.
- Mom: a cheetah -- because mom and daddy have a longstanding faux argument over whether or not he could beat a cheetah in a fight.

- Kane: labyrinth and chess -- I love playing with my mommy.
- Cameron: "knock, knock, who's there?" {telling jokes}
- Mom: Mom says she has to go with chess and knock-knock jokes for both of us -- she thinks we make up the most hysterical knock-knock jokes eva.


Cath said...

We are big Frozen fans in this house, too. Glad to hear you're going to be doing more over here in 2014! We love some Not-So-SAHM. :)

Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

We love Frozen, too. I love reading kids' answers to these kind of questions. Wonderful post!

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Cath! Loved your post, too. And our instaminds think alike :)

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Danzel! I love your book list ... shopping from it now. I hadn't thought to look for a My Little Pony book. My son loves all the greek mythology woven into the show. Will be getting that one!