Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (January 2014)

Oops.  Mom forgot about this month's 12 in 12 until the 13th. She sort of got it together Monday morning, but the day was a little spazzy. Mom typically uses Monday to get the house (and her) back in shape after the weekend and sort of plan out our week, but we have a bunch of school activities this week that were throwing our regular schedule off track. Everything was accomplished (or not accomplished) in little fits and starts that day, which drives mom crazy. We don't mind. Particularly if that results in multiple desserts.

Hope everyone's new year is going well! When you've finished checking out our 12 in 12, head on over to Where the Watermelons Grow and No Monsters in My Bed to see what they've been up to!

8.23 am -- Kane is obsessed lately with dressing up. he threw an out-of-character epic tantrum our last shopping trip over mom's refusal to purchase him a $300 three piece suit. Cam had a drama performance today and he kept after mom for "fancy clothes." after paying an obnoxious shipping amount to get his request, "tan pants, white shirt, brown belt, and a green tie," only the tie and belt made it in time. grrrrr. he made it work.

9.40 am -- after dropping us at school, mom picked up some of Kane's old clothes she had lent a friend. our aunt carrie had her third boy (!) last week and they are headed her way next. apparently mom was shoe shopping obsessed even with Kane -- these are all for an 18-24 month old kiddo. good thing Cam came along right at that time!

10.30 am -- mom works on food labels for a winter brunch we're having this weekend with friends. we are particularly psyched about the hot chocolate bar in the works.

11.35 am -- running late, mom throws snacks/lunch into her gym bag for a mid-day training session. she hates working out in the middle of the day and figuring out eating around it. banana, orange, almonds and beef jerky (not entirely Whole30 compliant, but ....) do the trick.

1.40 pm -- mom and Kane watch Cam star as "Bear" in a school drama performance. she rocked out hibernating, waking up, stomping and just generally looking freaking adorable in bear ears.

2.45 pm -- Cam attempts to explain her method acting to mom over celebratory fro-yo. you can see how that went. artists.

4.30 pm -- mom faces what is called "daddy did the laundry this weekend." helpful that it's clean, but it is all just waiting to be folded and put away. and don't even get me started on the christmas decorations that are still up.

8.30 pm -- we went out to dinner with our Aunt Erin who was in town for the night and had our second dessert of the day! we tried to pick daddy up from work after and didn't get home until after 8, which is late for a school night. yikes! Cam has amassed almost as many bath toys as stuffed animals that don her bed, both of which crack mom up and make her insane. how can she take a bath with all that stuff in there!?

9.33 pm -- mom plans weekend cocktails and catches up on one of her fave shows, "Girls." while the kiddos are getting a hot chocolate bar at this weekend's brunch, there will a bloody mary bar for adults. sounds gross.

10.00 pm --  mom turns to her other blog, A Feteful Life, to work on a cocktail post for this week. it'll be up Thursday, we hear you should definitely check it out.

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