Monday, October 28, 2013

Holidaze: Easy Halloween Bunting

No sooner than we got our store-bought Halloween decorations up, we started back in on mom for more. She's not sure what's going on this year, but we are INTO this holiday (check out our instagrams from this weekend -- an entire family full of vampires, two days in a row. and we haven't even hit actual Halloween yet). Mom's been hard at work on another project (more to come on that soon), so she wanted to set us up with an easy Halloween project we could do ourselves that would serve as a great decoration. This bunting is super simple, but turned out to be really fun and cute to make. Although if you're talking to Kane, you better pretend to be really, really scared of his spooky drawings.

Mom made two stacks of colored paper -- one orange, one white. She traced the outline of the top of a pitcher on one, to form a pumpkin shape. And she "freehand drew," a phrase I use very loosely, two ghost shapes on the other. Then she cut out a big stack of blank pumpkins and ghosts for Kane and I to decorate. We used black oil pastels and markers to draw on them. I favored abstract designs, while Kane went for the spook factor and drew vampire and mummy pumpkins. She strung them all up on black and white baker's twine and, boom, a quick Halloween bunting was made.

To no one's surprise, this little activity only served to further spur on our Halloween decorating obsession. And we also made bats, witches, and tissue paper ghosts. We've still got three days left until the big one is here ... anyone else make great Halloween decorations this year?!

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