Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fly Away: Chicago Part 4: 31st Street Beach Playground

Mom sort of intentionally planned us traveling on the holidays that fell over spring break (Passover and Easter) to avoid having to do big holiday celebrations (unlike her, we know, but it has been one holiday after another this year it seems). So imagine our surprise when our Aunt Carrie sprung an Easter egg hunt on us the day before Easter at the most fabulous beach playground in the city: 31st Street Beach.

We knew we were in for a real treat when we spotted artists carving real trees into amazing works of art on our walk to the playground. Then we hit a nice wide stretch of beach -- perfect to get some pre-egg (and post) hunting energy out. And then we spotted the egg hunt. A quick hello to all our cousins (including moose the doggie) and I was OFF. Fortunately the younger kids didn't care much that I piled my basket high with spoils -- they were so excited to find m&ms in just a few. I was a good sport though and shared.

Fully fueled by candy we hit the playground equipment and had a blast climbing, sliding and jumping (none of us braved the rock wall, though). And we all admired the empty boat slips, waiting for summer. This is a seriously sweet playground with awesome art and a swimming hole to boot. If we're back in Chitown during the oppressive summer, you know where you can find us.

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