Friday, June 9, 2017

The Friday Five!!

Our summer break is here! And while I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune by the end of the day (realistically, lunch time), I am so excited to have the kids home. I felt like we hardly had any time to do anything together this spring (which was one reason for our dismal posting in May) and I'm looking forward to a few months of operating on our own schedule. Here's what we were up to this week in anticipation ....

Cooking -- I want to make everything in the new Bon Appetit Grill volume, but this was maybe my favorite so far this week. One pan for the win!! And I've been putting the extra spicy mustard on things all week. 

Reading -- we all loved Wonder so much that we moved on to a similarly-themed Fish in a Tree. I wish I hadn't waited until the end of the school year to have the kids hear some positive words about being different, and the importance of kindness and friendship. But they are both loving this book too and I think maybe it's helping them sort some things out now that school is done for the year. 

Playing -- I've been gathering some really fun new games to play this summer, but we stuck with an old standby this week. This card version of Pictionary is easy to do on the go and super silly. 

Making -- Cam received this decorate your own journal kit for her birthday and has been adding to this all week. She uses it more like a traditional journal than a selfie repository, but it's super cute. 

Wanting -- my obsession with small gold stud earrings continues and I feel like I need this monogram pair

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