Friday, June 24, 2016

The Friday Five!!

We've had a great first week of summer back in town! The kids came around to the idea of camp and crushed their respective schedules—sewing for Cam, basketball and Star Wars LEGO for Kane—and I've been pounding the proverbial pavement to share Banish Boredom. It's a little insane that the end of June is here, but I suppose summer has really just started. Here's what else we were up to this week ....

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Cooking -- I've made these Kimchi Burgers before, but they hit the spot for everyone this week. Kane ate two full adult servings of these burgers last night.

Reading -- we finally started a new audiobook, Mr. Chickee's Funny Money, which we're all finding hysterical. I just finished up the second Napoleon novel last night (SO good) and am on the waiting list for the third, but in the meantime I started Was She Pretty?

Wanting -- I am a full fledged LaCroix addict—this is my favorite flavor and I stock up when I find it! Target recently had the slim cans on sale and I bought an entire cart's worth. We have a mini fridge at home stocked only with fizzy water. It's a problem. So I found this article super interesting. I guess I take it that I am both cool and a Midwestern-born mom.

Making -- we've been working on maintaining math skills this summer and the kids love practicing by counting money. They group different ways to reach the same amount, think about making change, etc. This has been a great starter set and Kane frequently uses it as a template to make his own money, on which he very responsibly notes "not legal tender."

Playing -- on a recent girls night out, Cam and I picked up a set of Top Trumps Harry Potter cards. They make them for each movie, but the Goblet of Fire is my fave, so we started there. He's obsessed.

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