Friday, March 11, 2016

The Friday Five!

Last week's cold weather crankiness has drastically improved with the arrival of (fingers-crossed) permanent spring temperatures. Here's what had us back in our groove this week ....

Playing -- I wasn't there to witness this, but Kane and his buddies apparently played this board game for almost three hours.

Reading -- My mom just brought me The Secret History of Wonder Woman and I'm all about it. Kane started a research project on Benjamin Franklin this week, so we dove headfirst into Benjamin Franklin Huge Pain in My ... without me giving it much of a read ahead of time. I'd picked it up from the library and noted that it was for kids a little older, but we usually read books with an older suggested age range. But, OMG. It's all about kids in seventh grade sneaking beer and getting to first base. A few pages in, I tried to table it. But the kids insisted we continue, so I'm doing some seriously heavy editing as I read. It also contains very minimal information about Benjamin Franklin, so Kane's report should be interesting.

Making -- I've been spending Monday afternoons helping Cami's class with some sewing projects. Cam wants to bring in pom poms to add in the mix, so we've been making a bunch! We use a pom pom tool, but check out this tutorial to make them without.

Cooking -- I loved these Grilled Turkey Kofta Skewers with Yogurt Sauce!

Wanting -- Once I'm into the clean eating thing, I generally don't have any cravings for things I can't have. But I always miss sushi. Here's the right way to make your own!

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