Thursday, December 10, 2015

Little Loving Hands: Children's Craft Kits with a Philanthropic Cause

Every year around the holidays we struggle with what feels like the purchasing of endless gifts and the desire to engage our kids in helping others. We do a fairly good job of making sure the kids volunteer at a variety of activities throughout the year, but during the holidays, the disparity feels greater and we want to involve our kids in an age-appropriate way of giving back. We always sponsor several children through the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program and our kiddos help us shop for, organize, and drop off gifts for children who otherwise wouldn't receive them. We'd just finished that activity this year when I heard from another wonderful (and local!) program called Little Loving Hands (you might have spotted it in our gift guides we posted this week!)

Little Loving Hands is a monthly subscription service that delivers a ready-to-create craft to your door that then goes back to an organization in need. How perfect is that!?! Involving our kiddos in the experience of making something for someone in need was exactly the next step I was looking for! The craft kit arrives with everything you need and incredibly clear directions. Plus a pre-paid package to return the craft once your children have completed the project.

Each month, you'll receive a new craft supporting a different organization. This month's Holiday Box supports patients at the Children's Inn at NIH. I loved that in addition to the crafting materials, the package included a simple explanation for children to understand how they are helping the particular organization as well as additional suggestions for further discussion on the importance of helping others. Our kids loved making the craft and are super excited to send it to help someone else.

I'm completely in love with this whole idea and think the monthly service would make such a wonderful present (just click here to give as a gift!). And I am absolutely signing ourselves up as well. Please head over to Little Loving Hands and consider giving the gift of giving back this holiday season!

Disclosure: Little Loving Hands provided us with a Holiday Box to review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions herein are our own.


Anonymous said...

I was over the moon when I found this kit. It solves my little ones desire to craft all the time, but my desire to not always hold onto the the finished items. Children's Inn is a bonus since she is always asking about the kids at NIH (my work site).

Not-So-SAHM said...

Totally agree! I love that we get the experience together without the accumulation of more stuff at home. Hope you all enjoy it!!