Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (August 2014)

It happens every year. Summer is going along great -- a variety of vacations, mixed with downtime, camp time, and family adventures. And then August hits. And it brings the heat, and the empty town, and mom's attitude of "enough fooling around, I actually have stuff to do." And it seems like the looooooongest month of the year. At least the heat has taken a bit of a break this year, but this August 12th was a rainy day full of mom trying to get stuff done while we bickered, bored with each other and being inside (where the lack of natural light is amplified on stormy days. yuck overhead lighting!). Even Greens get the blues sometimes. We mostly pulled it together, but are all very excited for school to start.

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(ps we're not bitter, we still love each other)

9.00 am -- we start out doing a little painting and end up spending at least an hour making squish prints. they actually turn out pretty awesome, but mom's trying to figure out what to do with all of them! (ps mom intended to start photographing when she woke up, but wouldn't you know that we both were awake at 5:45 when she got up to go work out and in her astonishment and irritation, she totally forgot).

10.45 am -- mom uses our dressing time to get a recipe for A Feteful Life started (head over there next Thursday to see what it is!)

11.00 am -- apparently, having not had enough madness at taking us to IKEA the day before, mom schleps us all out in the rain for some party styling supplies.

12.45 pm - what's worse than IKEA with two kids? Michael's craft store, where it's already Halloween!

1.43 pm -- we take our favorite route home through Rock Creek Park and mom keeps pointing out the level of water in the creek. She thinks about pulling over to take a picture and then comes to her senses. Perhaps it's not a good idea to be in Rock Creek right now. Truth. As soon as we exit, the flash flood warning comes through.

2.30 pm -- we rally to make a new batch of bright playdough.

3.40 pm -- mom printed out these awesome playdough mats from the Picklebums. The rain is finally letting up, but we keep playdoughing.

4.45 pm -- it's show time for us and work time for mommy. Metallic garland making for a speakeasy party.

5.30 pm -- mom escapes to the front porch, with cocktail, to order dinner. Because she refuses to cook this summer week.

6.45 pm -- post-din jam session. We've been listening to a lot of Kids Sirius XM radio and love to perfect our "shows" from it.

7.20 pm -- daddy said he left the office at 7, so we wait on the front porch for him. Hmmm....

8.15 pm -- OK, well he did make it home for reading. Pretty cute feetsies.

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